Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots: naw mai

Bamboo shoots are the young growth of the bamboo plant. They are most often harvested before they reach two weeks of age and are found in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia, South America and Central America. The earlier they are harvested, the sweeter the bamboo shoot will taste. Depending on the plant, there are many types and sizes of bamboo shoots.

To reach the tender, off-white meat of the bamboo shoot, the outer layer of the bamboo plant must be peeled away. Bamboo shoots are usually parboiled to remove their bitter taste and to make them more easily digestible. Once cooked, they take on a yellowish color. Canned or jarred bamboo shoots are ready to use in cooking since they have already been parboiled. There are many benefits in the nutrients of bamboo shoots, but specifically they have been shown to significantly decrease serum total and LDL cholesterol in studies on rats.

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